The Responsible Research for Business and Management (RRBM) community has issued a call for action to all business and management scholars who are dissatisfied with the current research system. Finally there is a way to ensure you are heard!

Many scholars have been writing about the unintended negative consequences of the academic system and its research. The analysis has ranged from the symptoms to the causes of a system that most scholars today agree no longer serves the original intent of producing credible and actionable knowledge in service of business and management contributing to a better economy, society and world. So, this is no news! Both the relevance and quality of research business school research has been “under attack” so to speak for at least a couple of decades. There are complaints about an increasing gap between research and practice. Researchers focus on publishing in elite journals rather than translating their research so that practitioners can understand and use it. I am pretty sure that I am not only person who has an academic journal on the nightstand as a proven way to fall back asleep in sleepless nights. Given what an article costs (you don’t want to know), it is downright frightful how few people read it (you also don’t want to know).

Now, rather than just adding to the long list of mostly well-founded complaints, Anne Tsui, a highly distinguished scholar and awesome person, has decided to do something about it. Back in 2014, she started exploring how to make a positive difference to reorient business and management research back to its original purpose and intent. To make it matter – to be both credible and of relevance – to business and management today in our times of Grand Challenges that the economy, society and the planet are facing. She got a group of editors, deans, scholars and influencers together and started with the idea of creating a positive vision for responsible research. I feel privileged to have been a part of the conversation from the start. Amazing persistence, great leadership by Anne, support by AACSB and EFMD and many meetings and emails later, the vision stands and the movement is ready to launch.

A snapshot of the short 2 min. video where we summarize the purpose of the RRBM

More than 100 reputed scholars have already signed the call and support the vision. And now, it is your time to join. Check out what RRBM is all about in this short video message from the founders. Learn about the seven principles and read the position paper in all detail. And if you agree, do sign up! Join us in bringing about positive change that together we feel we can. Contribute to the various envisaged actions. Connect to us if you have questions or suggestions! Stop worrying and start to act – now!

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