Colleagues, the RRBMnetwork needs you! As a growing volunteer organization, RRBM is building its social media presence. I hope you’re following @RRBMnetwork on Twitter and are a member of the RRBM LinkedIn group. That’s a great start, but more would be appreciated.


We are looking for colleagues, students, friends to highlight RRBM-relevant work. So far our ad hoc approach has connected with 52 members in the LinkedIn group and 223 followers on Twitter (@OrganizationSci has over 5348, @ASQJournal ‏4849). More formal social media support focused on research with clear impact on stakeholders will get this vital research seen, used, and help to create an environment where, even more than today (ideally, much more than today), business and management scholarship is central to solving society’s challenges.


Consider whether you might find common value in:
  • A course assignment that shared business and management research that is, could, or should make a difference. Such an assignment would provide value to your network and, with a link back to the RRBM Network, can help create value for all.

  • Supporting a Ph.D. student as they build their professional network by sharing their work, connecting with scholars in their research area and then sharing their work with a link back to the RRBM Network.

  • Volunteering to share related research or professional experiences a couple times a month with your social (electronic and face-to-face) networks. Consider the seven principles: Service to Society, Stakeholder Involvement, Impact on Stakeholders, Valuing Both Basic and Applied Contributions, Valuing Plurality and Multidisciplinary Collaboration, Sound Methodology, Broad Dissemination.

  • Applying for RRBM awards and sharing the results. We have 30 articles and 5 books as winners over the last two years. This is an excellent resource that helps others to know what qualifies as “responsible research.”

  • Helping us think about whether Twitter and LinkedIn are enough, or are we missing people who would find value in our work on Instagram or other platforms? 

Have an interest but don’t know where to start? Feel free to contact me.


Terri Griffith
RRBM Social Media Advisor
(Past Senior Editor and Social Media Advisor for Organization Science)