Responsible Research for Business and Management (RRBM) is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and supporting credible and useful research in the business and management disciplines. It is a virtual organization initially developed by a group of 24 leading scholars in 5 disciplines at 23 university-based business schools in 10 countries and now joined by a much larger community. We have support from many partners, including AACSB, EFMD, PRME, Aspen Institute‘s Business and Society Program, GRLI, and many business schools worldwide.

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Executive Briefing

This briefing 1 presents a vision of business schools and scholars worldwide having successfully transformed their research toward responsible science, producing credible knowledge that is ultimately useful for addressing problems important to business and society. This vision is based on the belief that business can be a force for good when informed by knowledge from responsible research. Research is the foundation of business education and practice, yet research in business schools has been criticized for being weak in integrity and low in relevance. Responsible research ensures the production of credible knowledge that can be used to inform progressive government policies and promote positive business and management practices. It introduces seven principles to guide research with four focusing primarily on the usefulness of knowledge and three on the credibility of knowledge. It ends with a call for actions to transform business and management research toward achieving humanity’s highest aspirations for a better world.

Vision 2030

In 2030, business and management schools worldwide are widely admired for their contributions to societal well-being. Business and management scholarship has been central to solving society’s challenges. Research is timely and cutting edge, producing well-grounded knowledge on pressing problems. Both schools and scholars are committed to the principles of responsible …


  1. Service to Society
  2. Valuing Both Basic and Applied Contributions
  3. Valuing Plurality and Multidisciplinary Collaboration
  4. Sound Methodology
  5. Stakeholder Involvement
  6. Impact on Stakeholders
  7. Broad Dissemination

Science for Better Business
and a Better World

Our world is facing challenging tensions in all aspects of society: economic, political, technological, social, and environmental. All 195 member-states of the United Nations have pledged to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity within the next 15 years. The National Academy of Engineering encourages …

Please read the full position paper for a comprehensive discussion on the need for RRBM, the current research ecosystem, what actions different stakeholders may take to realize Vision 2030, and the consequences if we do nothing

Actions Supporting RRBM

Exemplary Practices

Several initiatives are already improving the utility, credibility, and assessment of responsible research across the global academic landscape. Read about some of the most exciting developments, learn how you might support these initiatives, and let us know of any other examplary practices that promote responsible business and management research at your school, among your colleagues, in your journal, and/or with your organization – and let us know who you are.

Pioneering Institutions

Read what some business schools are doing to encourage, support and reward responsible research. Please tell us about any other inspiring programs at your school or other schools that we should share and feature.

Journal Special Issues

Editors and editorial boards are promoting responsible research through special issues. We encourage special issues in different disciplines. We are proud to highlight the following calls for papers and published issues.

RRBM Honor Roll

With the Honor Roll, RRBM aims to create a system to recognize a scholarly article, monograph, policy paper, or book that reflects credible science useful to society.


Apply to one of the Responsible Disciplinary Award and watch Jeffrey Pfeffer on his RRBM-Awarded book.

Responsible Research Summit

The 2024 Responsible Research Summit will take place on 19-21 June and will be hosted by Cambridge Judge Business School. Register today to save your spot!

Dare to Care Scholarship

RRBM is offering up to 10 scholarship to doctoral students in business schools to conduct responsible dissertation research.

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