I will introduce these ideas to the research communities I served and involved in mainland China; I will try my best to apply these ideas in my personal research trajectory; I will strongly persuade my colleagues, Deans, Chairmen at Nankai Business School and around to think about the importance of applying these ideas in our daily work, and the implication of pursuing our commitment to the community of RRBM in a long run.

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Bing Ren

I will continue to do research in areas that are relevant to broader social aims, not just to the simplistic Homo Economicus paradigm. I believe it is important to work with business school colleagues in disciplines in addition to management, such as finance, accounting, operations management, economics, etc. to pursue the RRBM vision. Also, as per the aims of RRBM, we should make the findings in our research more accessible to multiple stakeholders. This means that we have to stop worshipping certain journals as the primary outlets for our research. We have to reach the business community and the general public through general and social media, and create a dialogue around this, i.e., multi-sided conversations.

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Eleanor O’Higgins

RRBM is terribly important for advancing our management research community in constructive ways. I want to support it in any way I can. For example, I would be happy to give speeches, seminars, or training in Engaged Scholarship. My course web site is publicly available. Best wishes.

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Andrew Van de Ven

I will continue my many years of research and writing on improving service in healthcare, with particular emphasis in recent years in cancer care. I will continue to infuse my courses with a focus on integrity in business and discussion of what I call “social profit.”

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Leonard Berry

As Faculty Director of the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business, I will run the Center in a way that connects not only my GT colleagues but also the broader Operations Management community to meaningful industry and NGO partnership opportunities, and will focus more resources on research translation/implementation.

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Beril Toktay

I am happy to endorse the intent and thrust of this call to action. Surely the current trends are not sustainable, but reversing them will require systemic change and we as yet do not have the mechanisms in place. The call for multidisciplinary collaboration is especially laudable. Research with impact has to have the ambition and resources appropriate to the size of the problem, and that usually requires a team that can work over multiple years. Our current system of fragmented, individualistic research projects looking for quick results within a single disciplinary silo is an impediment. I will continue to work to encourage school-based research centers to be more ambitious in their choice of problems and resource commitments.

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George Day

Do more responsible research myself and encourage others to do the same, and make this a focal point in IACMR business meeting 2017.

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Neng Liang

1. Focus promotion evaluation on impact rather than on quantity of output only.

2. Strive as a referee/editor to acknowledge and promote results that are not always statistically significant to minimize the incentive of data mining.

3. Focus evaluation on connection between theory and practice.

4. Promote and publicize knowledge in common media.

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Marcin Kacperczyk