Philosophical Foundations of Responsible Research (online course)

September – November 2021
(specific dates vary by location; see below)


Course Overview

This doctoral course is an introduction to scientific research on business and management. It focuses on the philosophical foundations of empirical science. These foundational issues are central to the work of a scientist in constructing understanding and explanation of important phenomena in our natural and social world.


See the table below for a preview version of the course syllabus.



The two-credit equivalent (U.S.)/three-credit equivalent (H.K.) course is for doctoral students in business and management. It is suitable for doctoral students in all disciplines within the business school.



Students applying for the RRBM Dare to Care Scholarship are encouraged to take this course which will help them in preparing the dissertation scholarship proposal. Scholarship applicants are welcome to participate as auditing students or to take for credit from one of the options listed below.


All auditing students will receive a certificate of completion from RRBM, upon completing the course. Due to the nature of the course design, we accept auditing students who are committed to participate fully in all ten sessions and to complete all assignments. To gain the most benefits from the discussions, students are expected to have done all the readings assigned. We encourage reading as many of the assigned readings as possible before the course begins in September.

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Option A

Option B

Option C

Institution Offering Course

Responsible Research in

Business and Management Network

Arizona State University,

W.P. Carey School of Business,

Dept. of Management

Hong Kong Baptist University,

School of Business,

Dept. of Management


Tuesdays, 8 am to 11 am

(Phoenix, Arizona Time)

*Class combined with Option B.

Tuesdays, 8 am to 11 am

(Phoenix, Arizona Time)

*Class combined with Option A.

Thursdays, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (Hong Kong Time)

First Session

Tues, Sept 14, 2021

Tues, Sept 14, 2021

Thurs, Sept 2, 2021

Last Session

Tues, Nov 23, 2021

Tues, Nov 23, 2021

Thurs, Dec 2, 2021


Professor Anne Tsui, Professor Jason Colquitt, and Professor Michael Haenlein

Professor Don Lange

Professor Xu Huang and Professor Song Chang


for Credit?


Yes, 2 credit hours

Yes, 3 credit hours


Not Applicable

Yes, see the fee schedule

 (graduate, online, 2 credit hours).

Non-ASU Students also need to apply as a non-degree seeking student.

Auditing students: not applicable

Credit-seeking students: TBD


Syllabus (Preview)

Syllabus (Preview)

Syllabus (Preview)

*Syllabi presented here are previews and subject to change. 


Information Sessions


Two information sessions were offered, one for the Western Hemisphere and one for the Eastern Hemisphere. You can watch below the recordings of those sessions.

Information session May 24 @ ASU

Information session May 25 @ HKBU