2023 Call for Nominations to Serve on the RRBM Working Board


Dear RRBM Community members,

We are very pleased to solicit nominations for the Working Board (WB) of the Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) organization from members of the RRBM Community.  RRBM community members include founders, co-signers of the RRBM position paper, institutional partners, and endorsers.

Members of the RRBM Community publicly support the vision of RRBM, promote or practice responsible research, and participate in RRBM activities including serving as members of the RRBM Working Board.

Working Board members are responsible for strategic duties, and also partner with staff, committees and regional business schools to deliver RRBM activities.

The RRBM Bylaws specify that WB positions are open to all RRBM community members, and we are calling for nominations to serve on the WB. Please review the RRBM Bylaws here, especially Articles 2 (about community membership) and 3 (about the Working Board).  WB members will be elected and approved by the current WB at its December 2023 quarterly meeting.

The RRBM WB consists of 12-20 members who each serves a three-year term, with the option to run for second three-year term.  It is very important that the WB be representative of the global RRBM community, including all major disciplines.  Persons who are interested in serving on the WB, or who know of someone they believe would be a good candidate, are strongly encouraged to nominate themselves or others.

Please submit your nomination (self-nomination is accepted) directly to the RRBM Committee via rrbm@rrbm.network by October 13, 2023.

If you have any questions about the nomination procedure, please submit them to rrbm@rrbm.network

Thank you.


RRBM Nomination and Election Committee 2023

  • David Reibstein, The Wharton School, Marketing (N&E Committee Chair)
  • Andrew Karolyi, Cornell University, Finance
  • Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Cambridge Judge Business School, Management
  • Matthew Wood, EFMD Global, Management
  • Patty Dechow, University of Southern California, Accounting
  • Agnieszka Chidlow, University of Birmingham, International Business