Candidates were directed to address the following within their proposals:

  • Research question – explain briefly the major question being pursued and how it relates to any of the topics described above in “Possible Research Topics and Methods”.
  • Literature – explain briefly (no more than 15 references) what the literature informs about your question and why a new study is desirable or necessary.
  • Method – explain how the research design follows the principles of responsible research to enhance both the credibility and usefulness of the research findings
  • Potential impact – beyond academic publications, explain how the research will be shared, delivered, or promoted to influence better business and management practices and a better society. You may consider ideas such as writing a teaching case, an article for a professional journal, giving talks to communities of practice.
  • Research period – the proposed research should be completed within 12 to 24 months from the date of the notification of the scholarship award.
  • Research budget – briefly describe in no more than two to three sentences the greatest areas of need in terms of financial support.