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Below, rate the strength of the candidate’s application and proposed dissertation research according to three RRBM principles related to credibility:
Basic and applied contributions (P2):(Required)
The research has potential to promote justice by contributing to theory development or providing applied solutions that promote justice, or both.
Plurality and Multi-disciplinary considerations (P3):(Required)
The research develops conceptual analysis reflecting or integrating different disciplinary perspectives and/or regional conditions.
Sound Methodology (P4):(Required)
The research design implements robust empirical research using sound scientific methods and processes for qualitative and/or quantitative methods. Examples include use of replications, randomized controlled field experiments; high objectivity and reflexivity in qualitative methods.


Below, rate the strength of the candidate’s application and proposed dissertation research according to four RRBM principles related to usefulness to society and the scholarship’s theme on promoting justice within organizations:
Service to society (P1):(Required)
The research shows a clear interest in serving society; it focuses on promoting justice in organizations; it contributes to one or more of the SDGs either directly or indirectly.
Stakeholder involvement (P5):(Required)
The research engages the research subjects or other relevant experts in topic refinement, research designing and implementing; it involves non-academic experts in the interpretation of the findings for management or policy implications.
Impact on stakeholders (P6):(Required)
The research can provide actionable knowledge or insights for potential policies or practices to promote justice in the area being studied and to improve the wellbeing of stakeholders beyond solely business and economic success.
Broad Dissemination (P7):(Required)
The research proposal shows promise of its findings to influence both academic and practice audiences in scholarly, professional, and social media outlets.

Overall Quality & Recommendation

Below, rate the overall strength of the candidate’s application and proposed dissertation research:
Overall Quality of the Proposal:(Required)
The research question and method have the promise to produce both useful and credible knowledge that can be used to reduce injustice in organizations and society.
Reference letters:(Required)
The level of endorsement on the overall quality of the dissertation and the applicant’s potential to successfully complete it.
Overall recommendation:(Required)
Would you recommend this dissertation research for the Dare to Care Dissertation Scholarship?


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