After a close read of the syllabus, attending (or watching) the information session, and confirming that the entire schedule works for you, you might want to apply for the course. We’d love to receive your application. To apply, just email the following to by 23 June 2023.


  1. Your curriculum vitae (CV)


  1. Your statement of interest. Be sure it includes these three parts


a. Confirmation that you understand and agree to the requirements of this course: “I will be present for all sessions, well-prepared for each session, an active participant in the teamwork, and will complete all assignments.”


(If you realize that you cannot attend all the sessions, it would be best to apply when this course is offered in the future when you will be able to attend the complete course.)


b. A description of your stage in your academic studies. Also, a description of your research and teaching interests.


c. Finally, a description of your interest in this course and what motivates you to participate.


That’s all—not too complicated, but please put thought into all of that. Deadline for applications will be Friday June 23, 2023, so that we can notify you of your status by June 30.