RRBM Honor Roll

The RRBM Honor Roll publications have been selected as examples of research that is both rigorous and relevant. The listing below offers credible insights for society.

These publications have been selected for the RRBM Honor Roll by the Selection Board with the exception of 2019 articles selected by a pre-test review panel.


Nature of the publicationJournal article
Title of the publicationTheorizing Discursive Resistance to Organizational Ethics of Care Through a Multi‑stakeholder Perspective on Disability Inclusion Practices
Journal name/Book publisherJournal of Business Ethics

This paper examines the support for diversity from a moral perspective. Combining business ethics theory with a lens of
critical discourse analysis, it reconstructs the debates on the ethicality of three disability inclusion practices—positive
discrimination, job adaptations, and voluntary disclosure—drawn from multi-stakeholder interviews in disability-friendly
organizations. Discursive resistance to disability inclusion practices, otherwise known to work, arises out of moral beliefs
characteristic of an ethic of justice, whereas support is more often informed by an ethic of care. This study contributes to the
literature by laying bare how ethics fuel ‘resistance to’ rather than ‘support for’ diversity and inclusion. Like prior studies, it
links such resistance to the myth of individual merit, noting that some re-appropriation of an ethic of justice becomes possible
when legal awareness around issues of disability is raised in the context of work. In addition, it identifies an ethic of care as
holding the greatest potential for fostering workplace inclusion yet cautions for two adverse side effects that may arise when
promoting corporate care: the potential of paternalism and the inclination to individualise inherent to wellbeing initiatives.

Author #1Eline Jammaers
Affiliation Author #1Universiteit Hasselt