RRBM Honor Roll

The RRBM Honor Roll publications have been selected as examples of research that is both rigorous and relevant. The listing below offers credible insights for society.

These publications have been selected for the RRBM Honor Roll by the Selection Board with the exception of 2019 articles selected by a pre-test review panel.


Nature of the publicationJournal article
Title of the publicationIncomplete institutional change and the persistence of racial inequality: The contestation of institutional misalignment in South Africa
Journal name/Book publisherJournal of Management Studies

The study explores the role that organizations and institutions play in reproducing inequality even after significant political transitions in which these transitions sought to undermine the sources of such inequality. Our analysis reveals how incomplete institutional transitions may give rise to contradictory institutional logics and how this can contribute towards high levels of contestation as actors and organizations vie to maintain, disrupt and create new institutions. We analyze the dynamics of a conflict set within a broader institutional contestation in post-apartheid South Africa by examining the farmworkers strike and unrest of 2012. We expose a complex interlocking system of exploitation and oppression at micro, meso and macro institutional levels and highlight misalignments between de facto and de jure institutional environments. Our study shows how actors and organizations can exhibit and constrain agency legitimating the unequal access to resources and opportunities and why this can result in the persistence of inequality.

Author #1Ansellia Adams
Affiliation Author #1Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Author #2John Manuel Luiz
Affiliation Author #2University of Sussex Business School, UK, and Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, South Africa