Congratulations on this important initiative. Over the past two years, I have been working with a great team of academics to launch the Social Innovation and Change Initiative (SICI) at Harvard University. Our mission is very aligned with yours. I see all of us as being part of the same movement and I will be glad to help/contribute along the way. Thanks again!

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Julie Battilana

2021 RRR Speakers and Chairs

2021 Responsible Research Roundtable Biographies of Speakers and Chairs     Ruben Atekpe (Speaker) is Executive Chairman, Merchant Company of West Africa (MECOWA). An accomplished entrepreneur and investment advisor focused on opportunities for socioeconomic development and growth in Ghana and other parts of Africa, Ruben serves as a Member of the World Economic Forum’s Global…

Today, just before exploring this initiative, I emailed my fellow faculty members my concerns about adopting one of the journal lists out there as the only “acceptable” one for our faculty. I realize that the initiative’s intentions have some merit, but my understanding of the problem, now strengthened after reading the RRBM position paper, moves me to do everything I can to create policies in my immediate surroundings that will move us beyond the documented vices in the discipline. I will remain vigilant and act locally in all other relevant issues that this group brings to my “radar screen.” Thank you and best wishes!!

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Miguel Olivas-Lujan

Rotterdam School of Management

Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, The Netherlands To be a force for positive change in the world   In 2017, the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) adopted a new mission: “to be a force for positive change in the world”, and uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework in guiding…