RRBM Honor Roll

With this Honor Roll, RRBM aims to create a system to recognize a scholarly article, monograph, policy paper, or book that reflects credible science useful to society. All publications receiving this honor will be prominently displayed on the RRBM website and authors are encouraged to display the RRBM-Honor Roll emblem on their CV. Schools, journals, and publishers can also track their Honor Roll publications as one of their metrics of the likely societal impact of their research.

Starting in July 2022, recent publications may be nominated to the RRBM Honor Roll. The Selection Board is looking for works that are both rigorous and relevant, and to encourage research that achieves these goals. RRBM does not seek to add another layer of review to vouch for the rigor of published work: that is the job of editors and reviewers. Publications selected for the Honor Roll have the added distinction of being relevant and more likely to have a positive societal impact. It is not intended as a competition or award – in our ideal world, most academic publications would qualify as responsible research; it is a recognition that the work meets RRBM principles for contributing to a better society. We encourage you to peruse the listing of publications selected for the Honor Roll.

Criteria for “RRBM Honor Roll”

Recently published work will be assessed according to the spirit of two principles focused on usefulness articulated in RRBM’s Vision for Responsible Research in Business and Management:

  • Service to Society: Development of knowledge likely to benefit business and the broader society, locally and globally, for the ultimate purpose of creating a better world.
  • Impact on Stakeholders: Research that is likely to have an impact on diverse stakeholders, especially research that contributes to better business and a better world.

Selection Board of the Responsible Research in Business and Management Honor Roll.

The Editor-in-Chief is Ron Hill from American University.

Each board member is selected for their interest in the larger societal good and their scholarly profile. They also represent all major areas of research in the business domain.

You may access the list of the Selection Board by clicking on the title below.

Editorial Board
 Principal field First Last Affiliation
MarketingDebraRingoldAtkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette University
MarketingJohnRobertsUniversity of New South Wales
Organization behaviorKevinRockmannGeorge Mason University
MarketingAnneRoggeveenBabson College
Organization behaviorRelllieRozinUniversity of Maryland
MarketingCristelRussellPepperdine University
MarketingRolandRustUniversity of Maryland
MarketingLindaSalisburyBoston College
Organization behaviorKiraSchabramUniversity of Washington
Organization behaviorLisaSchurer LambertOklahoma State University
MarketingMauraScottRockwood School of Marketing, College of Business, Florida State University
Organization behaviorSamahShaffakatUniversity of Liverpool
MarketingVenkateshShankarTexas A&M University
Organization behaviorMonicaSharifCalifornia State University, Los Angeles
MarketingPiyushSharmaCurtin University, Australia
MarketingLJShrumHEC Paris
Organization behaviorDanielSkarlickiUniversity of British Columbia
Organization behaviorBrettSmithMiami University
MarketingDavidStewartLoyola Marymount University
Information technologyYuliaSullivanBaylor University
Management strategyTillTalaulicarUniversity of Erfurt
AccountingFarzanaTanimaUniversity of Wollongong
Management strategyVartuhiTonoyanCalifornia State University, Fresno, US
MarketingBethVallenVillanova University
Management strategyMarkvan der GiessenAalto University
MarketingSrinivasVenugopalUniversity of Vermont
MarketingKristenWalkerCalifornia State University Northridge
Organization behaviorElijahWeeUniversity of Washington
MarketingJochenWirtzNational University of Singapore
Organization behaviorTaiyiYanUCL School of Management
 Principal field First Last Affiliation

Please submit your nomination for responsible research published from January 2020 to Editor-in-Chief Ron Hill through the form below.

If you have any question regarding the Honor Roll, the process or the Selection Board, don’t hesitate to send an email to honorroll[at]rrbm.network