2018 Responsible Research in Management Award

Co-sponsored by the Community for Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM)

and the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR)

December 22, 2017

The purpose of this inaugural award (click here for the Call for Nomination of this Award) is to discover good scholarship in management published in the recent five years that focus on important issues for business and society with rigorous research methods and credible results. We wish to provide examples of such research and to feature their contribution to both knowledge and practice. Since we published in the Call for Nominations the review criteria (the seven principles of responsible research which emphasize both the credibility and usefulness dimensions of research), we assume there would be self-screening and that most nominations would have demonstrated most of the seven principles. Our expectations were not too far off. Most nominations represent excellent work that focuses on topics with relevance for employees, managers or organizations in addition to contributions to the literature. A committee of three chairs and fifteen reviewers assessed these nominations, based on the seven principles of responsible research. We thank each member of this committee for the careful review and excellent work, in selecting the best research studies that we use to showcase responsible research.

Each nomination demonstrates many of the seven principles with most articles scoring the highest on Principle 1: Service to society. Collectively, they score lower on Principle 5 (multidisciplinary approach), the reproducibility aspect of Principle 6 (sound methodology), and Principle 7 (broad dissemination). This suggests that future research should pay more attention to these principles. Due to the complex nature of social, business and organizational problems, multidisciplinary research is highly desirable. Replication is central to building credible knowledge, and broad dissemination will facilitate the transfer of knowledge to actual practice.

Based on the rigorous review, we are pleased to honor ten articles and two books as winners of the award. They are listed below (with a hot link to each article or book), followed by the list of the review committee members, and the seven principles of responsible research in business and management.

The ten winning articles offer a diversity of topics and methods and they exemplify most of the principles of responsible research, with the knowledge produced being directly relevant and potentially beneficial to businesses, organizations and society. Another noteworthy feature is that most of these articles are by junior scholars. The two winning books meet the high standards set by the principles, despite their different approaches to knowledge development and transfer of knowledge to practice. Each strives for broad and significant societal benefits, leaving the world a better place for his or her presence. The actual impact of this collection of works will take time to realize but with credible knowledge on important issues, we hope they will be translated into ideas that managers will find useful. We wholeheartedly congratulate the authors for their excellent research that exemplifies the principles of responsible research.






For a brief description of the winning articles and books, please click here


Review Committee Members

Chuang, AichiaNational Taiwan University, Taiwan
Marquis, ChristopherCornell University, USA
McKiernan, PeterUniversity of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK
Bjorkman, IngmarAalto University, Finland
Chen, Houn-GeeNational Taiwan University, Taiwan
Chung, Chi-NienNational University of Singapore, Singapore
DiTomaso, NancyRutgers University, USA
Egri, CarolynSimon Fraser University, Canada
Glick, WilliamRice University, USA
Hsiao, Ruey-LinNational Chengchi University, Taiwan
Hu, JasmineThe Ohio State University, SUA
Klimoski, RichardGeorge Mason University, USA
Li, WendongChinese University of Hong Kong, HKSAR, China
Peng, T.K.I-Shou University, Taiwan
Qian, CuiliCity University of Hong Kong, HKSAR, China
Shi, JunqiSun Yat-Sen University, China
Sun, PeiFudan University, China
Tsui, AnneUniversity of Notre Dame, USA
Wang DanqingThe University of Hong Kong, HKSAR, China
Zhang, JianjunPeking University, China
Zhu, DavidArizona State University, USA