Call for Nominations:
2018 International Impactful Collaboration Award

The Practice Theme Committee (PTC) and the International Theme Committee (ITC) of the Academy of Management invite nominations, including self-nominations, for the inaugural International Impactful Collaboration Award. This competitive award seeks to recognize and to celebrate international collaborations between academics and external stakeholders that have achieved demonstrable, external impact. The award advances the aims of both all-Academy committees: The PTC aims to identify exemplar initiatives that bridge theory and practice, and to create platforms for ongoing engagement with practitioners for relevant, applicable knowledge; the ITC aims to improve AOM members’ understandings of internationalization of business, trade and other organizational transactions, and to encourage exposure for organizational scholarship conducted outside the United States of America.

I. Brief Description:
The award will be given to an impactful research collaboration (e.g., journal articles, books, consulting reports, conferences, major research grants, regulatory change) done over the previous 5 years (from 2013) involving diverse audiences not just Management academics (e.g., also involving consultants, managers, policymakers, NGOs, labor, or society at large) as full partners. The necessary conditions include that the collaboration –

  1. must be international – i.e., involving more than 1 country,
  2. must be demonstrably impactful covering more than A+ journal articles and scholarly citations,
  3. include as full participants more than Management academics.

A complete list of the potential audiences/collaborators for research, and avenues for scholarly impact are identified in the 2017 AOM report Measuring and Achieving Scholarly Impact (Tables 3 and 4).

II. 2018 Nomination Process:

  • Eligibility – Any current Academy of Management member,
  • Nomination period – The nomination period closes Monday, April 30th, 2018. Award recipients
    will be contacted via email by Friday, May 18th, 2018,
  • Award – The winner will be honoured at an award ceremony and reception at the AOM annual meetings in Chicago.

III. 2018 Submission Details:

1. Brief description of the project/program of research to which this nomination refers (no more than 350 words) 1

2. List of collaborators, their roles, and organizational affiliations (e.g., universities, companies, governments);
3. Reasons for nomination focusing on:

  • audiences involved in the research collaboration,
  • countries included in the collaboration and in what capacity (e.g., as home base, research venue, application of research, etc.),
  • evidence of impactful contribution resulting from the knowledge generated through this project/program (e.g., top-tier publications, practice-oriented publications, books, consulting reports, regulation, media coverage, innovations etc),
  • evidence of demonstrable outcomes of the projects/programs of research on diverse audiences for research;

4. Any additional information that will assist in evaluating the nomination. Examples may include:

  • A 1-page letter of support from the Dean,
  • A 1-page letter of support from beneficiaries of the research such as organizations, communities, governments, etc.,
  • Any other empirical evidence demonstrating the impact of the collaboration such as media coverage, conferences, government regulation, etc..

Please email this completed application to both the PTC & ITC Chairs, at 2018ITCImpactfulAward[at] and 2018PTCAwards[at]; please clearly indicate on the subject line “International Impactful Collaboration Nomination”

IV. 2018 Selection Committee:

  • 2 members from the PTC’s Executive Committee
  • 2 members from the ITC’s Executive Committee
  • 1 External Nominee (Policymaker, Manager, or Previous Award Winner)