2019 AACSB Innovations That Inspire

Thought Leadership & the Co-Creation of Knowledge



Business schools are change-agents, creating environments where out-of-the-box thinking thrives. Through Innovations That Inspire, AACSB highlights ways that business schools—within its greater Business Education Alliance—are globally transforming the face of higher education.


The 2019 Innovations That Inspire challenge invited members of AACSB’s Business Education Alliance to identify ways they are inspiring new approaches to thought leadership and increasing its societal impact through the co-creation of knowledge—a key opportunity of AACSB’s Collective Vision for Business Education.


RRBM is pleased to recognize AACSB, a partner organization, in their efforts to highlight and reward business school initiatives that create societal impact, in-line with RRBM’s Vision.  Please visit the AACSB website for further information