The following pages contain the ‘I Will’ statements written by the 62 RRS2019 participants, representing a commitment to put words into action. These action-commitments are grouped according to the authors’ professional roles. After reading these statements, we hope you will feel inspired to join in the movement and write your own personal ‘I Will’ statement as your action-commitment to advance responsible research.

Association or University leader

I will actively promote RRBM across the XXX (pseudo name) global network of schools, companies, social media publications, blogs, conferences, and more.
I will advocate for the inclusion of RRBM 7 Principles in my professional activities (senior scholar, ERB, leader etc.).
I will assure ABC (professional association)’s journal editor searches explicitly call for candidates to address how their journal will promote RRBM.
I will commit myself to develop metrics to assess societal impact by academia.
I will connect scholars with practitioners through the association for which I am president, enabling scholars to do more societally responsible research.
I will embrace the RRBM 7 Principles and endeavor to encourage, within my circle of influence, the production of thought leadership that contributes to a healthier, more sustainable, collectively, responsible society.
I will ensure that 50% of the faculty research budget is set aside to fund responsible research projects.
I will include responsible research into my public speaking opportunities.
I will map the responsible research agenda into YYY (pseudo name) professional development programs, which will help to infuse it into executive action within business schools.
In future conferences, I will promote the principles of responsible research in doctoral colloquiums and early career colloquiums.
I will propose an award for responsible research to my professional association at our next annual meeting, and I will implement a process to select a recipient the following year.
I will propose an annual Responsible Research award to the executive committee of my association.
I will secure exchange of knowledge between RRBM and other associations, as related initiatives, by July 2020.
I will try to increase financial support for business and management research in the developing world.

Dean, Associate Dean or Past Dean

I will continue to push for a journal publishing charter: signatories must publish short papers that are readable and relevant to key issues and challenges, with fast review processes.
I will cultivate the intrinsic motivation of junior faculty to do responsible research by refraining from framing impact exclusively as a late-stage career ambition.
I will establish an alliance among the leading companies, faculty, and PhD students, in order to understand the real world, promote the research relevance, and contribute to the industries.
I will help to ensure that impact and responsible research criteria make their way into accreditation standards.
I will incorporate RRBM in our faculty evaluation process at our school.
I will initiate faculty performance review, to recognize linkages of projects with external partners, and reward approaches that have a social impact on a broad community of individuals.
I will integrate impact into the promotion criteria to build up integration into the recruitment guide.
I will lead by example by writing an impact statement and adding it to the first page of my CV by Oct. 1, 2019, and I will meet with my school’s executive committee about doing the same.
I will meet with the incoming chair of our T&P committee to advocate for the inclusion of an impact criterion in the committees’ reviews.
I will refine the promotion system by enhancing the criteria and requirement for relevant and responsible academic work.
I will set incentives for faculty, especially for the seniors, to do more responsible research.
I will work to institutionalize the inclusion of broader impact narratives in self-assessments for promotion at my school.
I will, as Dean, put together resources to fund socially responsible research projects.

Editor, Department Editor or Associate Editor

As an editor, I will hold a conference and publish a special issue on the theme of responsible research and the way that it relates to my field of research.
As an editor, I will use the RRBM 7 Principles as my rubric for determining which paper(s) I nominate, and to advocate for the best paper awards at my journal(s).
I will advocate the requirement of a statement on “contribution to society” for papers published in my journal.
I will advocate a lead practitioner article is in every issue of the journal I edit.
I will ask for a session at the SCP Doctoral Consortium that will help students learn the principles of responsible research and encourage idea creation.
I will ask practitioners to judge the relevance of submitted research papers.
I will continue to shape the editorial policies of my (accounting) journal that will encourage authors to document their engagement with practice.
I will find opportunities to prioritize responsible research in SCP events and contexts, e.g., a Boutique conference each year focusing on a real human-centered problem with impact, e.g., addiction and scarcity.
I will include text, in every decision letter I write, pushing authors on societal relevance.
I will incorporate RRBM into the evaluation process for the journal for which I serve as the editor in chief.
I will initiate a new media feature, e.g., author-stakeholder conversation, highlighting the potential benefit of accepted papers to the broader society by July 2020.
I will promote responsible research by launching and editing a special issue on business and climate change, and on responsible research in OM.
I will require a one-paragraph discussion of the broader stakeholder impact, e.g., non-academic, of any paper I edit or referee.
I will start a discussion, at my journal, to form a societal relevance advisory board.
I will work to revise the journal mission statement to specifically mention practical and social relevance.
I will write an editorial about responsible research to encourage work for social impact in my journal.
In every editorial decision letter, I will suggest/ask the authors to reflect on and develop the social impact aspect of their research.

Senior Scholar

I will advocate for a statement on “impact on society” to be included in every P&T 3-year review cases.
I will apply the RRBM 7 Principles to assess impact of research in my department and research center.
I will collaborate with RRBM colleagues to develop a responsible research impact badge to recognize publications that meet criteria for responsible research.
I will continue to help PhD students, young colleagues, our societies, and our deans, to make progress on responsible research.
I will contribute to establishing the Responsible Research in Business Institute.
I will develop a half-day seminar on RRBM 7 Principles for all doctoral students at my school.
I will develop new organizational theories and solutions for a more inclusive society.
I will directly engage with practitioners, every year, to encourage authors to be more specific with their “implications” for practice, and to disseminate research to my fellow standard setters.
I will focus on highlighting impact on stakeholders, as a critical criterion, when developing and evaluating research and its theoretical foundation in doctoral seminars, workshops, and reviews.
I will fund cross-disciplinary faculty groups to nurture research in areas such as ethics and sustainability.
I will help organize next year’s responsible research summit.
I will help to move the institutional transition of business schools towards the RRBM vision.
I will inspire PhD candidates and authors to perform engaged research.
I will launch a journal that brings responsible research in strategy to executives.
I will make impact a key evaluative criterion in all my activities and a key focus of my mentoring.
I will place impact as a first priority and include it as part of rigorous research with junior researchers, PhD students, colleagues, and journal “impact” reviewers.
I will prepare a book including the themes that RRBM is advancing.
I will raise awareness of RRBM within my local research community.
I will serve as a mentor to my junior colleagues & doctoral students through organizing internal seminars on RRBM topics.
I will speak to doctoral students about the RRBM 7 Principles and how to incorporate them into research.
I will strive to help with operationalizing the RRBM 7 Principle framework to come up with a metric/index to measure impact.
I will try to introduce my school an impact self-assessment exercise in all research statements used for evaluation.
I will use the RRBM 7 Principles of responsible research to help guide my faculty evaluations.
I will work closely with mainstream media to help promote the mission and work of RRBM.
I will work toward adding an impact statement in faculty evaluations at my school.
I will work with RRBM colleagues to implement a badging system for journal articles that certifies them as responsible.
I will work with scholars in different disciplines to design and deliver a course on Responsible Science for doctoral students and junior faculty worldwide.
I will write a letter to ABC (a search platform) within one month about coding a new set of broader impact metrics.

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