Responsible Research in pandemic times


Crises often create opportunities for creative responses because of the inspiration they provide to think differently. A pandemic crisis is unique in its that its impact is universal, impacting upon every country and every sector. It can wreak havoc. Thankfully, business and management research, embracing multiple disciplines and perspectives, has the ability to provide universal solutions to the problem of pandemics like Covid19. Through multidisciplinary engagement, this webinar aims to confront the pandemic with the power of responsible research by generating ideas for impactful projects.

The webinar will:

  • Introduce the principles behind responsible research in business and management
  • Engage multidisciplinary teams in the process of idea generation
  • Refine and appraise the ideas to research project process
  • Support the scientific integrity and empirical utility of the research projects

It is suitable for doctoral scholars at any stage of their programme of study. Scholars will benefit from a thorough understanding of the ideas around responsible research, ideas for project development, multidisciplinary networking, and project re-appraisal.

Management research had little to say about the Global Financial Crisis. Let it speak out about solutions for the pandemics.



Doctoral students (ideally, before the dissertation topic is chosen). To allow for good interaction, the number of participants is capped at 60 participants.


Next session TBA (duration 1h30)


  • Prof Gerald F Davis, Associate Dean for Business + Impact, Michigan Ross, US
  • Prof Peter McKiernan, Professor of Management and Global MBA Director, University of Strathclyde, UK
  • Dr Jean-Alexis Spitz, Manager RRBM initiative, EFMD


Jean-Alexis Spitz


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