University of Strathclyde Business School, UK

A place of useful learning


A triple accredited business school, the University of Strathclyde Business School is dedicated to the ethos of the University which is to be ‘a place of useful learning’. As such, our research is geared towards addressing societal challenges and solving cross-disciplinary problems.


We are a signatory to the UN PRME – SBS values research which leads to sustainable, social, environmental and economic value. Responsible research is important to us in making a positive difference to society – examples of our research include projects on the living wage, offshore renewable energy and women-led Socially Progressive Entrepreneurship.


Our academics are involved in cross-disciplinary and collaborative research to provide solutions to real life business and society problems including the current Covid pandemic – most recent projects include infection prevention in care homes, modelling for NHS critical care beds, the recovery of manufacturing after Covid, the role of antibiotics in pandemic mitigation, and workplace safety during the pandemic.


We are funded in our research by organisations including government, research councils, business, trade unions and voluntary organisations. We have a number of research centres including the Fraser of Allender Institute, dedicated to economics, The Scottish Centre for Employment Research and the Centre for Financial Regulation and Innovation which focuses on financial technology.


All our doctoral students go through a stringent training programme and our large and international Strathclyde Doctoral School enables interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches for our research students.


With regards to the 7 Principles of Responsible Research, here are more details.

P1- We make a positive difference to the lives of students, society and the world, within our founding mission of being a place of useful learning and leading international technological university. Responsible research is central to Strathclyde Business School, we are a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) with three engagement update reports evidencing the importance of responsible research to our mission. Examples include research on: the living wage, offshore renewable energy and women-led Socially Progressive Entrepreneurship.

P2 – SBS supports projects that make both basic and applied contributions. This could range from, for example, work on UN Sustainable Development Goals on water management or provision of free sanitary products to low income households.

P3 – SBS values research which leads to sustainable social, environmental and economic value including interdisciplinary activity both within the University and with other institutions e.g. our work on the role of antibiotics in pandemic mitigation. Further evidence can be found in Strathclyde Centres for Doctoral Training involving all four faculties around common research themes including Global Environmental Monitoring and Policy and Interdisciplinary Sustainable Practices of Research in Energy.

P4 – By producing both socially and methodologically-aware graduates, we make a positive impact beyond our campus and contribute to a better business world. Doctoral students go through a stringent training programme leading to a PgCert in Research Methdology in Business and Management.

P5 – Our research is relevant, cognisant of the decisions made in industry which can influence society at large. We work with public, private and third sector organisations to carry out research which leads to positive social impact. For example, research on healthcare costs with the Scottish Government and the NHS.

P6 – The Times Higher Education place us 3rd in the UK for the impact of our research. This is reinforced by Gold accreditation status with the Chartered Association of Business School’s Small Business Charter recognising engagement with, and support for, students and SMEs. In 2017 we launched an award-winning innovative programme for students with learning disabilities, Breaking Barriers. We can evidence a wide range of research projects focussed around societal impact

P7 – Dissemination of research is central in SBS. Our innovation graduate apprenticeships (GAP support leadership development in founders of early stage innovation-driven enterprises. Our official outreach programme, Engage with Strathclyde (EwS), provides dedicated support for events which engage future KE partners, and escalate existing relationships. EwS culminates in a week of events showcasing Strathclyde’s imaginative KE across all disciplines. Outcomes include new R&KE centres, new industry memberships, and new funded R&KE collaborations from private, public and third sector partners. Strathclyde has considerable experience, expertise and commitment to developing and supporting enterprise and since 2005 has helped to support the formation of over 260 start-up and spin out companies. SBS academics also regularly blog about their research or contribute to publicly facing outlets such as ‘the conversation’.