Mendoza College of Business

University of Notre Dame, USA


Office of the Dean Mission Award “Contributing to the Common Good through Faculty Research”


The University of Notre Dame, as a Catholic University, is dedicated to the creation of knowledge and education of students that will contribute to the common good for a better world. The Mendoza College of Business, in support of the University mission, is dedicated to the building “a premier Catholic business school that fosters academic excellence, professional effectiveness and personal accountability in a context that strives to be faithful to the ideals of community, human development and individual integrity.” The Mendoza motto is “Ask More of Business“. We do this by offering an integrated curriculum that focuses on how businesses can and should contribute to the “greater good”. This mission goes beyond the classroom, with research playing a significant role.


In 2016, the School created the Office of the Dean Mission Award to recognize research that supports the mission of the Mendoza College of Business and the University of Notre Dame. The award honors one or more faculty members for a published piece of research that contributes to the common good. Each year, a committee consisting of the five department chairs (departments of Accountancy; Finance; Information Technology, Analytics and Operation; Management and Organization; and Marketing) and chaired by the associate dean for faculty and research discusses recent research that supports the mission of Mendoza. One article that advances the common good is selected from within each department. Award winners receive a cash stipend and their research is highlighted in the school community and beyond.


These five award-winning articles in 2016-2017 years (awarded in spring 2017) included ten Mendoza faculty authors, which speak to the collaborative nature of much of our research. The five 2017-2018 award-winning articles (awarded in spring 2017) included six Mendoza faculty authors and many collaborators in other universities.


In the fall of the new academic year, the authors of the award winning articles are invited to share their research with the Mendoza community. We invite all the faculty, staff and students to attend this Award Celebration event. The author of each article gives a highlight of their work, followed by questions and answers. Then a reception is held with authors and guests continue their conversations with refreshments.