The Guanghua School of Management

Peking University, China

Thought Leadership Platform


In 2017, the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University launched the Thought Leadership Platform with the mission to Promote research addressing critical and structural problems in public policy and frontier business practice in China. A panel of experts specifies several strategic areas and invited Guanghua colleagues to submit proposals. In the first year, 25 research projects (a total of 5 million RMB) were accepted spanning seven strategic areas: industry upgrading and innovation, data and technology, new finance and development finance, economic reform and national development. The school has allocated seven post-doc positions and other staff support to this initiative. It has secured corporate donations that can sustain this project for three years. Expected outcomes will include scholarly publications, policy papers, case studies, video clips, and more. These results can inform policy debates, classroom teaching, the design of new programs, and curriculum updating.


A Few Project Highlights for 2017:

Ningxia Wine Industry—documenting business history; providing insights on how to make state industrial policy relevant.

China’s Real Estate Investment Trust Funds (REITs)—investigating the rationales of developing such a market, estimating potential size, discussing ways to overcome regulatory and tax hurdles, defining best practices and offering insights on future regulatory framework.

Upgrading of China’s manufacturing sector.