H. Joe Nelson III Professor of Management, past dean of Jones School of Business, Rice University; past chair of AACSB Board.

Toward Better Measures of the Societal Impact of Research: Our Biggest Challenge
Bill Glick & Jerry Davis

When the Financial Times quietly posted a survey seeking input into the composition of its coveted list of scholarly journals in business, it set off a frenzy. Journal editors and other interested parties launched campaigns seeking to stuff the virtual ballot box, and thousands of “voters” obliged.   This response was not surprising. Inclusion in…

Building Momentum!
Bill Glick

The train is just starting to roll and it is not too late to give another push and get everyone on board. The community for Responsible Research in Business and Management (cRRBM) built an excellent case for action and a compelling vision to change the dysfunctional eco-system supporting and rewarding research that fails to live…