Learning to Carry the Cat by the Tail
What we know about business response to disasters and how that relates to the COVID-19 crisis
Jennifer Oetzel & Chang Hoon Oh

Is it possible for businesses to manage such a seemingly “unmanageable” problem as COVID-19? We have been researching multinational enterprises’ responses to natural disasters and political risks for two decades now and the answer is a qualified yes. A key finding of our research is that local knowledge (e.g, community or regional knowledge about available resources…

2018 Award Review Committee

2018 Second Annual “Responsible Research in Management” Award Award Review Committee     Last Name First Name Institution Country Academic Review Board Ackermann Fran Curtin University Australia Adler Paul University of Southern California USA Ashforth Blake E. Arizona State University USA Barnes Chris University of Washington USA Bjorkman Ingmar Aalto University Finland Boivie Steven Texas…

Social Media

Colleagues, the RRBMnetwork needs you! As a growing volunteer organization, RRBM is building its social media presence. I hope you’re following @RRBMnetwork on Twitter and are a member of the RRBM LinkedIn group. That’s a great start, but more would be appreciated.   We are looking for colleagues, students, friends to highlight RRBM-relevant work. So far…

Why Business Schools should develop a large modelling & simulation community before the next pandemic
Kathy Kotiadis, Antuela A. Tako, Christine S.M. Currie & Bhakti Stephan Onggo

Business schools could play a crucial role in helping governments prepare for the next pandemic by developing the next generation of the modelling and simulation community. Simulation modelling is an area of teaching and research found in many elite business schools. COVID-19 looks set to be the worst infectious disease pandemic of a generation in…

Dare to Care Research Cafe

Dare to Care Research Cafe Inaugural Dare to Care Research Café November 20, 2020 WHAT IS THE CAFÉ ALL ABOUT? Grab a cup of joe and join the Dare to Care Research Café — an online, virtual conversation series designed to connect early stage scholars (PhD students, junior faculty) with experienced faculty who have published in…

I would suggest a number of actions:

  1. Promote RRBM directly through the Sage journal that I edit (Journal for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies – JEIEE, available at eie.sagepub.com);
  2. Advocacy through doctoral workshops, keynote speeches at research conferences;
  3. Demonstration of alternative value of RRBM with multiple user and stakeholder groups;
  4. Creation of a Citizens Research Group with community groups and institutions.

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