I start on February 27th on a #sabbicycle tour of Europe to  propagate the need for a collegial, sustainable, and responsible understanding of our profession (https://delmestri.wordpress.com). The winter bicycle as a symbol of a slow and determined academy engaged for addressing pressing problems of our time.

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Giuseppe Delmestri

FT Slow Hackathon

Financial Times responsible research assessment: “slow hackathon” invitation   Aim: explore better ways to quantify the societal impact of business school academic output to encourage better practice The challenge: create metrics for the public impact of research to incentivise high-quality and useful work, that are hard to game, and that the FT could use at…

Are companies Coronawashing? Ten pieces of evidence
Vera Ferrón Vílchez

In the current global crisis, companies are carrying out solidarity initiatives: donating masks and medical supplies, putting their operational capacity at the service of health authorities, or financially contributing to research on the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus and its associated disease, COVID-19. As a consequence of these initiatives, several companies have an active presence in mass media,…

2020 Responsible Research in Management Award Review Committee

Academic Review Committee Last Name First Name Institution Country Agle Brad Brigham Young University USA Ashforth Blake Arizona State University USA Bacevice Peter HLW International LLP; University of Michigan USA Bae Katherine University of Michigan USA Bateman Thomas University of Virginia USA Boivie Steven Texas A&M University USA Burbano Vanessa Columbia University USA Burt Ronald…