Conducting and Disseminating Research That Moves the World


Speakers: Andy Hoffman, Andy Van de Ven, Ibrat Djabbarov and Anne S. Tsui


Time: 26th of January at 10am (US Eastern) / 3pm (London) / 8.30pm (Delhi). Scheduled for 90 minutes.


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Please join us for a stimulating discussion about two facets of being an Engaged Scholar whose work has relevant contributions to the challenges of today’s world.  Andy Van de Ven will talk about the task of conducting “engaged scholarship,” rigorous work that tackles difficult and important questions by involving relevant stakeholders in research problem formulation, theory building, research design, and problem solving.  Andy Hoffman will talk about the role of the “engaged scholar” and the ways you can take the results of that work and bring to the public(s) that need it and can use it.  Ibrat Djabbarov will then react to these two talks, introducing the tensions, challenges and opportunities for a young scholar to bring their ideas into the portfolio of their work as they are just getting started.  Anne Tsui will moderate the discussion and explain how conducting responsible scholarship and being a responsible scholar relate to the seven principles of responsible research.


Recommended readings:

  • Hoffman, A. (2021) The Engaged Scholar. Stanford University Press
  • Van de Ven, A. (2007) Engaged Scholarship: A guide for organizational and social research. Oxford University Press
  • Co-founders of RRBM (2020). A vision for responsible research in business and management: Striving for useful and credible knowledge: Responsible Research in Business and Management. Access:



About the speakers:


  • Andrew (Andy) Hoffman is the Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business and the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan, USA
  • Andrew H. Van de Ven is Professor Emeritus in the Carlson School of the University of Minnesota, USA
  • Anne Tsui is Motorola Professor Emerita of International Management in W.P. Carey School of Business Arizona State University and Distinguished Adjunct Professor, University of Notre Dame, USA.
  • Ibrat Djabbarov is a doctoral researcher at Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University, UK.


This event is organized by the Responsible Research in Business and Management.


For queries, please contact Ibrat Djabbarov: i.djabbarov[at]