Dare to Care Research Café

Sponsored by Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM)


The Research Café 2021-1

Date: May 6, 2021


Authors of two Responsible Research in Management Award winning articles, Luis Ballesteros (George Washington University) and Tyler Wry (The Wharton School) and Ivona Hideg (York University) and Anja Krstic (York University) shared the “untold” parts of their research journeys, what inspired them, their challenges and the most difficult decisions they had to make, with a special focus on the challenges of “field experimentation” – the primary method in both research projects.


  1. Ballesteros, L., Useem, M., & Wry, T. (2017). Masters of disasters? An empirical analysis of how societies benefit from corporate disaster aidAcademy of Management Journal60 (5), 1682-1708.


  1. Hideg, I., Krstic, A., Trau, R. N., & Zarina, T. (2018). The unintended consequences of maternity leaves: How agency interventions mitigate the negative effects of longer legislated maternity leaves. Journal of Applied Psychology103 (10), 1155.

The Dare to Care Research Café is an online, virtual conversation series designed to connect early-stage scholars (PhD students, junior faculty) with experienced faculty who have published in the domain of responsible research and are winners of the Responsible Research in Management Award. Invited scholars are asked to share a short presentation of their award- winning work, followed by moderated breakout sessions. In so doing, we hope to foster connections between scholars and deepen our collective understanding of what it means to be responsible researchers.


The Dare to Care Research Café focus on featuring and discussing how to do research that “moves” the world. Discussion topics may include issues such as income inequality, racial justice, gender equity, inclusive practices, poverty alleviation, clean energy adoption, access to food and clean water, sustainable consumption, access to education, and responsible finance and impact investment. Importantly, we consider how to conduct research on these types of topics: the types of questions to ask, the merging of theoretical and practical contributions, and the methods necessary to address these issues. Our goals align with the mission of the RRBM in that we hope to inspire and encourage the next generation of scholars to engage in important research that improves business and management practices and contribute on better societies.


The Dare to Care Research Café is sponsored by RRBM and organized by the Dare to Care Scholars. The organizing team consists of Melissa Chamberlin, Bori Csillag, Chris Reina, and Liz Adair, and is supported by advisor Anne Tsui.