Pre-Readings for Responsible Research Virtual Summit 2020

1) Readings

  1. Zoom guidelines
  2. Brief program agenda
  3. RRBM brief status report
  4. Participant list (in alphabetical order)
  5. Group list with facilitators
  6. RRS2019 Rotterdam brief report
  7. RRBM position paper
  8. **I Will status report (actions on RRS2019 participants’ “I Will” statements)
  9. **Nature article “Economists must collaborate courageously” Nature 582, 9 (2020)
  10. **Article by Len Berry on “An Essential Services workforce for crisis response”, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, May 28, 2020.

** Optional readings


2). The RRBM website: The RRBM website shows the breadth of the RRBM community, current initiatives, and offers many positive examples. There is a wealth of information. We encourage you to read especially the following pages:

  1. The RRBM position paper – the full version.
  2. “Actions” page: conferences that we have presented RRBM, pioneering schools, journal special issues, testimonials, and awards (in particular, read the Responsible Research in Management and in Marketing Awards.)
  3. “Readings” page: scholarly articles from a variety of related disciplines, media news about responsible research (including BizEd and Global Focus articles), blogs, and the bimonthly RRBM newsletters (we have published 14 issues). There are several videos you might want to watch on the Readings/Video section, including vision 2030, defining responsible research, and reflections by award winners.
  4. “About us” page: history of RRBM (chronology, yearly activities, from summer 2014 to present) and minutes of past meetings (from summer 2015 to present).