COVID-19: A Wake Up Call for Collaborative Action Towards a More Sustainable Nigeria
Paul Appiah-Konadu & Oreva Atanya.

COVID-19 has brought significant disruptions to the economic and social lives of Nigerians and people all over the world, with significantly adverse effects on vulnerable communities. Beyond the financial cost to individuals and government, the cost of human lives cannot be overemphasized. In the fight to curb the spread of the coronavirus, there has already…

2019 International Impactful Collaboration Award

Call for Nominations: 2019 International Impactful Collaboration Award Practice Theme Committee & International Theme Committee Academy of Management Deadline : April 30, 2019   The Practice Theme Committee (PTC) and the International Theme Committee (ITC) of the Academy of Management invite nominations, including self-nominations, for the International Impactful Collaboration Award. This competitive award seeks to…

Dare to Care Research Cafe

Dare to Care Research Cafe Inaugural Dare to Care Research Café November 20, 2020 WHAT IS THE CAFÉ ALL ABOUT? Grab a cup of joe and join the Dare to Care Research Café — an online, virtual conversation series designed to connect early stage scholars (PhD students, junior faculty) with experienced faculty who have published in…

“Publishing and Promotion in Economics: The Tyranny of the Top Five”

by James J Heckman and Sidharth Moktan

NBER Working Paper No. w25093

October 1, 2018

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National Bureau of Economic Research