Responsible Research Academic Summit 2021

Brief Report


Overall Summit Objective

To share experiences and explore new ideas to deepen and broaden the transformation toward responsible research in business schools by deans, editors, association leaders, senior and young scholars.


Specific Summit Goals

  1. To share significant actions by deans, scholarly association leaders, and scholars in various disciplines in pursuing, encouraging, and supporting research to enable better business and management practices for a better world.
  2. To discuss and share experiences or best practices in responsible research observed or experienced by summit participants.
  3. To choose one actionable idea by participants in their role as leaders in schools or associations, and as senior or aspiring young scholars to support, encourage, facilitate, or engage in responsible research.


On April 26, 2021, 199 participants from 31 countries, 140 schools/institutions, representing the major disciplines in business schools (accounting, finance, management, marketing, and operations management), and major internal stakeholders of the research ecosystem (including deans, editors, association leaders, senior and junior scholars, and doctoral students) gathered virtually at this Responsible Research Academic Summit. This event was open to all members of the RRBM community, with special invitations to the leaders of professional associations and editors of the major journals of the disciplines. The participants included 27 association leaders, 24 deans and associate deans, 11 PhD directors, 34 editors, department, and associate editors, 81 senior scholars, 28 junior scholars, and 30 doctoral students. They shared experiences and discussed best practices for advancing societally meaningful and useful research.


The three-hour summit had a fast-paced and action-oriented agenda consisting of three different panels, and two breakout group discussions. The first two groups of panelists (three B-school deans and three association leaders) highlighted numerous initiatives by business schools, disciplinary associations, and journals that contribute to building momentum that embraces responsible research principles. A third panel of scholars in three different disciplines shared their personal stories on pursuing responsible research. Two rounds of breakout group discussion sessions allowed participants to share personal experiences, explore new opportunities, discuss lessons learned when facing challenges, and most importantly, develop actionable commitments related to their professional roles.


This Summit is available to you through video recordings (links below in Agenda section) of the three panels. A full report is being prepared to highlight the major actionable ideas for each of the stakeholders from the Summit. Watch out for the announcement of this report in a future RRBM newsletter VOICES. Please support our work and join the community by endorsing our position paper and joining the RRBM community as an endorser.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all those who contributed to the engaging and energizing conversations, especially the nine panel speakers, six panel moderators (see biographies here), and 36 breakout group facilitators. In advance of the full report, the spirit of this Summit and the action-oriented RRBM movement was captured in this blog.


Welcome and Introduction

Mary Jo Bitner, Professor and Edward M. Carson Chair in Service Marketing Emerita, Arizona State University, USA


Panel 1. How deans encourage faculty research with societal impact (35 minutes)

Moderator: Mary Jo Bitner, Professor and Edward M. Carson Chair in Service Marketing Emerita, Arizona State University, USA

Co-moderator: Ruth Bolton, Professor of Marketing Arizona State University, USA


    1. Jonathan Levin, Philip H. Knight Professor and Dean, Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA
    2. Ansgar Richter, Professor of Strategy and Dean, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands
    3. Zhixue Zhang, Incoming President (2021) of the International Association for Chinese Management Research; Professor of Management, Peking University, China

Panel 2. How association leaders advance responsible research

Moderator: Serguei Netessine, Professor of Operations Management, The Wharton School, USA

Co-moderator: Michael Haenlein, Professor of Marketing, ESCP Europe, France


    1. Amy Hillman, Incoming president (2023) of the Academy of Management; Rusty Lyon Chair of Strategy, Arizona State University, USA
    2. Africa Ariño, President of Strategic Management Society; Professor of Strategy, IESE Business School, Spain
    3. Katherine Lemon, Chair of Board, American Marketing Association; Accenture Professor of Marketing, Boston College, USA


Breakout Group Discussion 1

Moderators: Serguei Netessine and Michael Haenlein


“What prior experiences or efforts have you either participated in or have taken that advance responsible research in your community (journals, schools – as deans, P&T committees, doctoral committees, association leaders, publishers, students)?”


Panel 3. How scholars pursue societally meaningful research 

Moderator: Tima Bansal, Professor of Management, The Ivey School of Business, Canada

Co-moderator: Mark Smith, Director, Stellenbosch University Business School, South Africa and Professor, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France


    1. Ivona Hideg, Associate Professor and Ann Brown Chair in Organization Studies, York University, Canada
    2. Andrew Karolyi, Harold Bierman, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Finance, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, USA
    3. Jeff Hales, Professor of Accounting, University of Texas, Austin, USA

Breakout Group Discussion 2

Moderators: Tima Bansal and Mark Smith


“Based on what you have heard today, choose one action that you can or want to pursue, encourage, facilitate, or support responsible research in your sphere of influence (e.g., school leadership, journal editing, doctoral education, research) over the next year or two.”



Mary Jo Bitner

Speakers and Moderators Bios

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Planning Committee

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Full Report

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