“IACMR – RRBM Award Celebration Webinar I”

August 6, 2020

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“Grand Challenges, Covid‐19 and the Future of Organizational Scholarship”

by Jennifer Howard-Grenville

October 4, 2020

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Journal of Management Studies

“Management Research that Makes a Difference: Broadening the Meaning of Impact”

Journal of Management Studies

Despite What You’ve Heard, Americans Support Wearing Masks and other Efforts to Reduce Exposure to COVID-19
Deserai A. Crow, Lindsay Neuberger, Danielle Blanch Hartigan, Rob DeLeo & Tom Birkland

Recently released survey data reveals stark differences between the behaviors and beliefs of residents across U.S. states, but also shows that Americans are generally compliant and supportive of actions their local and state governments are taking to slow transmission of the virus and reduce risks. The findings of this survey are not only useful to…

“Management as a Calling: Leading Business, Serving Society”

by Andrew J. Hoffmann


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Stanford University Press

The Management and Organization Science Puzzle: Questions from a Metaphorical Comparison of Medicine and Management

by Fabrice Cavarretta & Nathan Furr

National Science Foundation, SBE 2020 White Paper

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National Science Foundation