RRAS21 Groups

Group Lists   First Name Last Name Discipline Position title Affiliation Country GROUP 1 Association Leaders Darlene Alexander-Houle Leadership,  Culture,  Migration Adjunct/Researcher University of Phoenix United States of America Africa Ariño Strategic Management Professor IESE Business School Spain Caryn Beck-Dudley Legal Studies President and CEO AACSB International,  Inc. United States of America David Bright Organizational…

RRBM Honor Roll

RRBM Honor Roll With this Honor Roll, RRBM aims to create a system to recognize a scholarly article, monograph, policy paper, or book that reflects credible science useful to society. All publications receiving this honor will be prominently displayed on the RRBM website and authors are encouraged to display the RRBM-Honor Roll emblem on their…

Conclusion: Science for a Better World

The current system is falling short of fulfilling our collective potential. The goal for researchers and their institutions should include business and societal impact, not simply to publish in a small set of journals with limited readership. The results of research are an important input into the curriculum and are the basis for informing public…

University of Sussex Business School

University of Sussex Business School, UK Research Mobilisation Groups     The University of Sussex Business School carries out high-quality research that addresses real-world issues, and seeks to develop current and aspiring leaders who will champion critical and original thinking. We have created research mobilisation groups (RMGs) that focus on promoting responsible business practice. RMGs…

RRAS2021 Speakers

  Speaker and Moderator Bios   Africa Ariño (Speaker) is the President of the Strategic Management Society and Professor of Strategic Management Department at IESE Business School (Spain), where she holds the Joaquim Molins Figueras Chair of Strategic Alliances. In the past, she served as Associate Editor of Academy of Management Discoveries, European Management Review,…

“Has Strategic Management Research Lost Its Way?”

by Paul L. Drnevich, Joseph T. Mahoney and Dan Schendel

March 4, 2020

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Strategic Management Review

“Doing Research on Grand Challenges – How to make your research impactful”

December 9, 2020

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Dr Katharina Dittrich, Dr Ali Gümüsay, Dr Christopher Wickert